Bouquets of flowers to buy

Bouquets to buy

To celebrate those special occasions with friends and family, or for regular events, we offer bespoke bouquets in stunning colour combinations. Grown locally, the flowers you buy will be delivered within hours of picking and celebrate the beauty and variety of nature, reflecting the gifts that each season brings. Where we supplement our flowers – we only buy in English flowers from other growers.

Bunches of flowers to buy

Bunches to buy

These are available at The Real Food Store – The Real Food Store, 11-13 Paris Street, EX1 2JB. Website:

Bucket of flowers to buy

Buckets of flowers

If you would love to have a regular supply of fresh organic, local flowers in your home, café, pub or restaurant we provide a bucket of seasonal flowers containing 30 stems. Delivery is available within a 5 miles radius from Exeter city centre.

Funeral & memorial flowers

Funerals and memorials

We offer very natural floral arrangements for funerals including wreaths and bouquets. The wreath bases are made from willow and can include everlasting flowers and herbs as well as seasonal and fresh.

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