Organic Flower Growing Workshops

Seed to Bloom

Learn about a sustainable ‘No Dig’ approach for a wildlife friendly flower garden. Come to the field for a practical and informative course.
Includes a delicious lunch ~ Small groups of 5 max ~ £65.00 per day
4 day course will cost £240

Gift Vouchers available

Day 1 – Wednesday March 21st 2018 – Planning and starting ‘no-dig’
Planning and starting your ‘no-dig’ organic flower patch. Includes aspect; soil type and fertility; composting; choosing seeds and plants; sowing timings, planting out and much more. Take home your own seed tray.

Day 2 – Thursday August 2nd 2018 – Reaping the reward
Reaping the reward – being amongst the blooms and their natural pollinators; planning and designing your garden; natural fertility building with compost teas; hardy annual & biennials; natural pest and weed control; picking, conditioning and drying flowers; planning and designing; when to water.

Day 3 – Wednesday August 8th – 2018 – Natural Floristry
Handtieds & Natural and Elegant Floral Arrangements

The perfect time of year to learn how to create a classic spiral stemmed handtied. You will have a wonderful range of colours and textures at hand to inspire and play with. Flowers available at this time of year will include snapdragons, sweet peas, dahlia, roses and lots of foliage, seed heads and herbs Our professional florist will gently guide you to ensure a rewarding and relaxing day with your own creation to take home.

Using classically shaped containers you will learn how to build up your arrangement in the round using natural and flowing foliage to combine the natural wild look with an elegant definition. You will learn how to use colour and texture to create different moods and effects.

Day 4 – Wednesday 31st October 2018 – Over wintering and preparing for Spring
Over wintering and preparing for Spring. Includes choosing and planting anemone corms, tulips bulbs & rununculus claws; choosing dahlia, rose and sweet peas varieties and their care; planning for the polytunnel. Supplier information and lots more.